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Your Take: Essential Stops When Traveling from Rome to Pisa

There are many ways in which you can travel from Rome to Pisa. Flying may be the most convenient way to travel between the two cities, but if you drive or travel by train you can see many great attractions, as well as lots of fabulous scenery along the way. Tuscany is a wonderful area of Italy to stay in, with various offerings for accommodation. If you are looking for a shorter visit, it is very easy to see Pisa as well as Florence from Rome, by train, in just the one day. Pisa is known for the world famous Leaning Tower, where you can climb to the top to enjoy stunning views.

rome to pisa rome to pisa

Obviously Rome itself has many areas to see, including the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Vatican Museum and St Peter’s Basilica. In addition to this, just a few miles outside of Rome, is one of Italy’s most preserved ancient cities, Ostia Antica. It is so easy to get to and well worth the effort. Moreover, the Tuscan city of Ravenna houses one of the oldest Christian churches in Italy.

An absolute must along the way from Rome to Pisa is a stop at the Toscana Resort Castelfalfi. This is an essential place to stop, especially if you are a golf lover. Castelfalfi is an eight-hundred-year-old village, which houses many luxurious hotels and villas, as well as challenging golf courses. Many of Castelfalfi’s visitors have gone on to buy real estate property here.

Siena is also a known Tuscan town and the Piazza del Campo is known to have Tuscany’s most beautiful Piazza, and while there, you can enjoy the sight of the magnificent Palazzo Comunale in the town centre. Also, don’t miss the breathtaking view of the Crete Senesi.

Perhaps a little out of the way is Florence, but this destination is a must when holidaying in and around Tuscany. Renowned for being one of the most romantic cities in the world, Florence is full of beautiful architecture and amazing restaurants. The stunning cathedral with the magnificent Cupola del Brunelleschi as well as Giotto’s bell tower is definitely worth a visit. Florence is also famous for the Piazza della Signoria, which is where you can view the statue of David by Michelangelo along with some of his other works. The Ponte Vecchio bridge is another sight to see in Florence.

Finally, Pisa is a city worth spending time in itself. Along with the famous leaning tower of Pisa, the city has many traditional restaurants to experience and enjoy.

Article by Mischa Kerkhoven

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