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Your Take: 3 Tips for Unexpected Travel Dilemmas

All packed for your next vacation adventure? If it’s your first time travelling to a new destination, it’s not only your bags you need to get ready. You can prepare for unexpected dilemmas when you travel even before you leave your home. It’s not just about staying calm when these situations happen. Here are some examples of these problems and ways you could solve them:

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Dilemma 1: Lost Luggage

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The most common problem you would hear from tourists is their lost luggage. Reasons for most cases include damaged route labels, luggage forgotten by owners themselves, wrong destination codes, or mix-ups in plane-loading.

Tip: Before leaving, make sure all your labels are properly and clearly marked. Number them if you have to. Tie a ribbon or a recognizable tag that you’ll immediately see when you’re about to pick them up. Set an alarm after your flight to remind you to get your luggage from the claim area.

Pack light. Don’t put extremely valuable things in your luggage. Take advantage of hand carrying most of your things to make sure that you have your possessions with you at all times.

If, unfortunately, you’ve already lost a reported luggage, still alert the airline/airport of your loss and compile all the receipts for the clothes/toiletries/food that you had to pay for and negotiate with the airport to reimburse your expenses. This would, of course, be super easy if you have travel insurance in most cases.

Dilemma 2: Lost Passports/ID 

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It’s normal to be forgetful, but you have to be extra cautious when you’re in a foreign place. One moment, you place a bag beside you, and next thing you know, that bag isn’t there anymore. You’ll be lucky if you get your things back. What’s worse than losing a bag of clothes is probably losing your personal documents—identification cards you’ll be spending time trying to file the necessary papers for.

Tip: Before you leave home, make 2-3 copies of your documents—front and back. Store the different sets of copies in different places and keep these safe. You can try an online storage vault if you want to be extra sure. If you happen to lose your passports or IDs, be sure to arrive in the airport very early so that you can verify who you say you are.

Dilemma 3: Robbing/Mugging

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Probably one of the worst -case scenarios, there will be instances when a tourist falls victim to this sad predicament. Sometimes, it’s not enough that thieves only get your valuables, but also assault you.

Tip: To avoid this situation, it’s vital to remember that you should research about the place you plan to visit before you go and bop over there. Dress accordingly and in season, study their culture to know of their customs. The aim is to blend in pretty well with the locals, and to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. Don’t use new things while travelling. Use an old pair of sneakers and a used backpack.

Sometimes, you might find yourself worried by these disastrous circumstances and would rather not travel instead, but that’s where travel insurance comes in. To ease your mind (and paranoia), availing of an efficient policy when you travel will definitely pay off—especially if you’re a travel bug. Other than that, just travel smart and safe, and you’re good to go.

Article Written by Cristina Beltran – a blogger & writer at, Malaysia’s leading comparison website. This portal helps individuals in making the best decision by comparing rates from different finance and insurance providers.

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