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Her Take: The Temples of Angkor Wat

To say that Angkor Wat is impressive, breathtaking or even stunning would be to completely undermine its influence. No number of complementary adjectives suffice to describe this piece of history, complete with multiple temples and (unfortunately) plenty of tourists. Kyle and I visited the area over a course of three days, which was plenty of time to see everything. Even when I was hit with a bout of food poisoning on the first day I still thoroughly enjoyed wandering through the ruins, attempting to comprehend the history held within the walls. While I took as many photos as my camera would allow, I will admit that none do this place justice: it’s a spot that must be seen with one’s own eyes to fully appreciate.


We opted for the three-day pass for $40, which you can use over the course of a week. A one day ticket will cost you $20, but I would highly recommend staying the extra time and dishing out a bit more cash to fully enjoy the experience without rushing. A tuk-tuk driver will take you around for $15USD per day, and for the temples that are farther away (we saw Banteay Srei and Kbal Spean), this will cost in between $30-40USD.

The Circuits

Most tuk-tuk drivers/hostels/hotels will have a map detailing the daily circuits you can do to see the temples (basically just a big circuit and a small circuit). We highly recommend saving the best until last to ensure you are still impressed with some of the smaller temples, which means doing the big circuit first to see the temples surrounding Angkor Wat, and the small circuit on the second day. Be sure to always bring your ticket with you to show to the officials upon entering each temple.

The Big Circuit

Preah Khan

preah khan

Neak Poan

neak poan neak poan

Ta Som

ta som temple

East Mebon

east mebon temple

Pre Rup

pre rup temple

Banteay Kdei

banteay kdei

The Small Circuit

Angkor Wat

angkor wat

Bayon Temple

bayon temple

Ta Prohm (aka “Tomb Raider” Temple)

ta prohm

Day 3 Itinerary

Kbal Spean

kbal spean

Banteay Srei

banteay srei

On day three we found it a bit of a drive to see these final two sights, and although the last one was beautiful we could have gone without: something to keep in mind if you’re tight for time and only have a couple of days to see everything. Overall, these temples are an absolute must when in Cambodia.

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