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Their Take: A Parent’s Perspective on Travel in Singapore

In the last part of a three-part series featuring the parental unit’s adventures in Southeast Asia, Jamie’s parents give their impressions of Singapore, the final stop on their five-week trip. 


We had heard that Singapore was expensive and consequently planned that we would take the rapid transit train from the airport to a station near our hotel. It would have cost us about $50 to $60 versus the $5 on the train, and the journey was relatively easy. We were given very good directions as soon as we got off the train as to where our hotel was, and everyone we met here was extremely helpful. Our hotel was the 81 Selegie, and, although it was very clean and a good location for us, the room itself was incredibly small, even the beds seemed to be in miniature! Thank goodness we were only there for one night.


Our first experience as to just how expensive Singapore is was the first evening when we tried to find somewhere close to our hotel for something to eat. We decided on a small café and ordered a small pizza to share between us and two beers. The bill came to $44!


As we only had one day to see the sights of Singapore, we bought the tickets for the hop on, hop off bus that you can take all around the city. At every turn in the road we were met with the stunning sights of architecture mixed with old world charm. We visited Little India and Chinatown, but unfortunately the day we were there it was the Chinese New Year so all the stores were closed. We walked from one of the bus stops to the cable car station and took the ride up to see the incredible views of the city, then back down again to Sentosa. Sentosa is rather like a miniature Disney World and, most likely because it was a public holiday, was very crowded.


Our one day and one night in Singapore was definitely the most expensive of our whole trip: $93 for the hotel and $240 for sightseeing, transportation, food and beverages. We didn’t even have a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel!

The Final Verdict on the Five-Week Trip

To sum it all up, this five week trip was an amazing one from start to finish. We’d go back to Thailand in a heartbeat and were very glad that we got to see some of Malaysia and Singapore too. Meeting up and travelling with Jamie and Kyle was a very special part of this trip and has given us many fond memories that we will always be able to share with them.

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