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His Take: Party Your Face off in Nha Trang

If you intend on visiting Nha Trang, don’t expect to see any authentic Vietnamese culture. You will likely see more westerners and Russians than anyone from Vietnam in this fast-paced party capital.

During the day, the heat is relentless and if you happen to come down with a case of the mid-hangover-booze-sweats, the beach is where you’ll want to be. Although, don’t expect to float gently in the ocean while you try to put last night’s mistakes behind you. The waves are heavy and make for great body surfing. The water also seems to be considerably cleaner than the ocean waters in Hoi An.

Come night time, you will be bombarded from every direction with promoters attempting to lure you to the “best Happy Hour in Nha Trang.” The competitiveness of the happy hour at each bar is fierce, and some awesome deals can be found. However, there is no bar in Nha Trang that matches the popularity of “Why Not?” and just as few that can match its prices. With two pool tables, a foosball table, absolutely gigantic mixer buckets that will get a party of 10 people smashed, a combination of drink deals that start at 5pm and end at midnight or so, as well as a dance floor that’s jammed full by the end of the night, there is no livelier place to be in the city.

nha trang

It’s officially not possible to look cool when you’re snorkelling…

Snorkelling Nha Trang Vietnam

… case and point.

nha trang

Buckets at Why Not? Bar

nha trang Nha Trang

Various tour booking agencies offer packages such as a booze cruise that drops anchor on a couple of resort-ish type beaches in the Nha Trang bay, although admission to those beaches is not included in the price of the booze cruise. After a particularly heavy night at Why Not?, Jamie and I opted to go for a snorkelling tour instead, which cost a total of $7 and was honestly quite good. The water was clear, and definitely clean, and there was a ton of fish/coral to gaze at. The tour also included a lunch, which unlike some of the meals we had been fed in other tours such as the Halong Bay tour, was tasty and filling.

Some people will opt to spend more time in Nha Trang than others. Jamie and I were there for about 3 nights, which was a good amount of time for us. If you’re not in the mood to party and you know of somewhere in particular that offers cheap diving/snorkelling that you’d like to check out, then you might consider skipping this spot altogether.

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