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Your Take: Why Verona is One of the Most Romantic Cities in Italy

Today’s guest post comes from Amandine, a French photographer whose lived everywhere from Greece to Canada, and currently has set up shop in Milan, Italy. Verona is at the top of her list when it comes to must-see cities within her current country of residence, and here’s why. 

When we think about travelling in Italy, the first cities that come to mind are usually the impressively huge Rome, the traditional Venice and its gondolas, Firenze and its countryside, or Napoli and its incredible food. Others like Bergamo, Genova, Palermo, and even Verona are less famous but still worth a visit. In today’s post I will give you an overview of the city that has inspired Shakespeare for his novel Romeo and Juliet. Verona is located between Venice and Milan and belongs to Veneto’s region, in the northeastern area of Italy. It is a beautiful and romantic city for several reasons.


The atmosphere

Walking through the city is fairly easy. Basically it’s full of narrow little paved streets, colored low houses with small windows and balconies, monumental squares, little boutiques and restaurants. What makes Verona even more exciting is that the center is for pedestrians only – no cars, traffic and smog – just locals talking with neighbours and enjoying their city.


Restaurants and food

Different than the rest of Italy, Verona features rice as part of the main dishes and not pasta. The famous rice from Verona is called Vialone Nero, which is a popular “semi-fino” type of rice (titled for its length to width ratio). Then you have the famous polenta made with corn flour. In Verona restaurants bring you polenta usually with salami, meat and cheese. It might be unusual for some tourists, but donkey and horse meat are also popular, which is an old habit that comes from the end of the Roman Empire.

Architecture and monuments


Verona is a true beauty in this regard. In every corner you can find incredible monuments such as The Arena, which is the third largest amphitheater built during the antiquity. You can still book tickets to enjoy a nice open-air Opera, ballet or hear a symphony orchestra here. Get lost in the narrow streets to find old monuments such as the Piazza delle Erbe located in the heart of Verona with the fountain Britney Verona. Other sights include the Gardello Tower built in the 14th century, or numbers of Pallazzo once owned by the most important people of the city. Last but certainly not least is the famous balcony on which Juliet listened to Romeo’s serenade!


For those that have a chance to visit Verona, grab a nice bed and breakfast or holiday apartment in the heart of the city, and walk around with a loved one. Serenity, beauty and cuteness are what define this romantic city in Italy.

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