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Born in Oakville, Canada in 1989, I lived the first 7 years of my life in the suburbs of Toronto. This would ultimately shape my love of big city living… a stark contrast to the no bullshit, nature loving attitude that I acquired in Western Canada.

I moved from Toronto to the middle of the nation and lived in the small prairie city of Winnipeg for 5 years. As soon as I was officially a Blue Bombers fan, I was transported to Calgary, the home of the greatest outdoor show on Earth: The Calgary Stampede. After spending 5 years among the oil barrons in the heart of the new west, I returned to eastern Canada and resided in La Belle Provence while completing my B-Com at McGill University in Montreal. Having survived and graduated from McGill with a liver that likely resembles Larry King’s scrotum, I made good on a lifelong dream in managing to snag a public relations internship in London, England. Now at long last, I have returned to Toronto.

I’ve only been kicking around for about 23 years, and in that short amount of time, I have been fortunate enough to experience a lifetime worth of enviable memories. I’ve seen first hand the enormity of the colosseum, had a nap in front of the Eiffel Tower to kill my jet lag, skied the slopes of the Canadian Rockies, looked out on downtown San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge, and witnessed the birthplace of the Irish Revolution in Dublin. I’ve partied it up on New Years Eve at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, surfed the icy waters off the west coast of Vancouver Island, chilled over an ice cold beer at the very center of Diocletian’s Palace in Croatia, roamed the narrowest of streets in Venice, and spent more hours than I can possibly imagine playing ice hockey on the frozen ponds of the Canadian prairies.

To complain about the cards I’ve been dealt would be foolish. Through the co-creation of this blog, I aim to show a small token of respect for this lively world and as much of its awesomeness as I can possibly grasp.

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