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Happy Birthday Jamie!

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Now that you’re reading this, that means that you’ve received your birthday present: a little paper airplane. It should look a little bit like this:


Am I right? I thought so. You are now officially 27 years old, and let’s think back on all that’s happened since you turned 26 one year ago today.

You’ve chilled on some incredible beaches.

koh phi phi

You’ve walked along the great wall of China.

Great Wall China Beijing Steep

 You defied gravity.

hong kong

 You’re used to riding horses, but you found a new love for elephants.

elephant riding thailand

You partied like a champ.

full moon party

And you always looked great doing it…


Even when you didn’t, your boyfriend’s good looks were enough to make up for the both of you!

Snorkelling Nha Trang Vietnam

 Now that you’re home, you might be feeling as if you’re settling down. I know that you’re not someone who likes to sit still for too long, and it’s quite possible that the thought of not travelling for a while has got you a bit bummed out. When you’re down in the dumps and feeling a like the next vacation is years away, just remember, that things could never possibly be as bad as what we had to endure in Toronto



But what you should have to look forward to is getting to know your new city. This is an exciting time, and in a way, it’s almost kind of the like the traveling didn’t really stop. This is a new town for both of us (although you didn’t grow up too far away from Vancouver), and there is still so much to do.

But just in case you actually miss the “travelling” part of travelling, your paper airplane can remind you of all of the good times we’ve had this year.

But just in case the paper airplane isn’t enough, this might do the trick:


And no, I’m not just talking about a picture of a sea plane. Kiss your boyfriend for more details.


Love, Kyle

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