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Your Take: Bizarre and Exotic Foods Found in Southeast Asia

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You may enjoy eating Asian cuisine, but are you brave enough to try the food listed here? Listed below are the peculiar foods you’ll find in Southeast Asia. Most of these are known to be aphrodisiacs. If you are planning to visit any of the countries mentioned here, try to include these out-of-the-ordinary, gastronomic adventure foods on your to-do list!

1. Smelly Tofu – If you plan to go to Hong Kong, this is the exotic food you need to try. Although this smelly tofu will shock your nose with its strong odour, your taste buds will be surprised with its wonderful flavour. Smelly Tofu is made from fermented bean curd marinated in brine and other ingredients. You will find this delicacy on Mongkok, when you ride the tram, or when you roam around the night market and its busy streets.

2. Deep-Fried Spiders – People with arachnophobia will shriek with horror upon seeing this regional delicacy from Cambodia. Fried spiders are considered a snack here. The villages in the northern part of Skuon have holes in the ground where these spiders are bred. The tasty snacks are cooked using different spices.

3. Durian – Another smelly food on the list is Durian, which is considered the “King of Fruits.” It is a bizarre-looking and freakishly large fruit from Malaysia. It has a thorn-covered husk that releases an intense odour, which people think is either extremely pleasant or disgusting. You decide! The taste will depend on the ripeness, but most of the time it is sweet and has a custardy texture.

4. Balut – In the Philippines, you will find a not-so-weird looking duck egg. Don’t be deceived by its ordinary egg-like outwardly appearance. Wait till you see what’s inside! Break the shell and you’ll see a developing duck embryo. This may look ghastly, but it tastes great. You first need to season with some salt or vinegar, and then sip its broth. Afterwards, you can eat the yolk, the embryo, and the white part (which can be too tough to eat sometimes).

5. Fried Insects – When you visit Thailand, don’t forget to try their specialty: insects such as locusts, grasshoppers, cockroaches, scorpions, and worms are deep fried until crisp, then flavoured with different spices. Are you daring enough to eat these little crawlers from some vendors in Thailand? Sometimes they charge the less-adventurous souls who just want to take a picture of the delicacy instead of munching on them. A perfect beer-match, you can find this strange snack on the streets of Bangkok.

6. Smoked Bats – Don’t be horrified, Batman! This is Indonesia’s famous yet odd delicacy. Prepared like barbecues, these bats are grilled over charcoal to infuse a smoky flavour. It may look like brown mice when served, but it somehow tastes familiar to beef jerky.

7. Dog Meat – Dog lovers may find this unappealing to eat, but in Thailand, it has been a part of their tradition to sell, cook, and eat dog meat. Even high-end restaurants serve different dishes made from dog meat. They claim that it is rich in protein and healthier than pork.

8. Turtle Soup – One of Singapore’s strange yet nourishing soups. It uses soft-shelled turtle’s meat for its main ingredient. Turtle Soup is rich in protein and is said to have medicinal value. For hundreds of years, turtles were used by the Chinese as part of their alternative medicine.

9. Chicken Feet – This is another treat from Hong Kong and throughout China. Chicken feet are sold in markets as “finger foods,” or to-go snacks. Cooked as stew, steamed or with sauce, you can buy this food at roadside carts and dim sum restaurants throughout the country.

10. Rooster testicles– Taiwan’s infamous aphrodisiac. Some people believe that it can increase the fertility of men, and some restaurants cook rooster testicles with broth, vegetables, and mushrooms. Other food stalls serve them grilled or fried.

Roam around these places and dare yourself to savour the flavour of these peculiar delicacies. While they may be undeniably weird, they will absolutely make your trip to any of these countries memorable!

Article Written by Cristina Beltran – a blogger & writer at, Malaysia’s leading comparison website. This portal helps individuals in making the best decision by comparing rates from different finance and insurance providers.


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