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Her Take: The Ideal Date Night at Arms Reach Bistro

Kyle and I were first introduced to Arms Reach Bistro back in 2013, right before we headed off for our epic six month Southeast Asia trip. It’s a spot that we’ve returned to since then due to the great food, scenic views and cozy atmosphere. While we’ve never actually been there on a date night (every visit has been with Kyle’s parental units) this would be an ideal restaurant for a bit of light romancing.

The restaurant is located in Deep Cove, about a half hour drive from downtown Vancouver. Depending on the time of year you come here there are plenty of outdoor activities to take part in before eating which will only add to your chances of impressing that special someone. In the summer there’s kayak rentals, an easy to moderate hiking trail to quarry rock as well as paddle boarding. Head over around late afternoon to take in the views and ocean activities before settling in at Arms Reach Bistro for dinner.

Top of Quarry Rock Hike Photo Credit: Lynn Canyon

Top of Quarry Rock Hike Photo Credit: Lynn Canyon

deep cove

Deep Cove Photo Credit: Iain Edmonds

The place itself has a very quaint and cozy feel to it, adding to the intimate atmosphere. I almost have the sense of walking into someone’s home by the ocean each time we visit, and depending on where you sit you can continue to look out at a view of the water and mountains during the evening. This is what I love about Vancouver – this gem is only a half hour away from downtown and yet you feel like you are on vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

When it comes to ordering food here, the pastas have always been a hit. For something a bit heavier but extremely tasty, the oven-baked spaghetti is a perfect twist on traditional pasta (think spaghetti meets lasagna in one gooey plate of goodness). For something lighter and vegetarian, the rocket spaghetti is a good option. While I love seafood, I’ve had the Linguine Pescatore a couple of times and thought it was slightly lacking in flavour on the last visit. With the mains, it’s hard to go wrong here but when we first came back from Southeast Asia I was craving a huge slab of steak. The Grilled Triple AAA Alberta Beef Tenderloin did not disappoint.

arms reach bistro

Photo Credit: Kitty G Gup

In short, for those looking for a good date night (or even date day for that matter), Arms Reach Bistro in Deep Cove hits the mark on a number of levels. The outdoor activity options, amazing views combined with delicious food offer a fool-proof way to make an impression on that special someone. Just make sure they are the outdoorsy type before taking them on a surprise hike before dinner – heels and mountains don’t tend to mix well.

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